Friday, April 04, 2008

Like Being on the Cover of Sports Illustrated?

By Stuart Rothenberg

A few months ago, former Harry Reid chief of staff Susan McCue was featured in Glamour magazine talking about how wonderful it was to be working for the ONE campaign. The only problem was that she had just announced that she was leaving ONE so that she could help her old boss, Reid, and Senate Democrats plot strategy.

Fast forward a few months to a less well known publication, AMTRAK’s Arrive magazine, and you can find another example that timing is everything.

The last page of the March/April issue of Arrive (“Final Stop”) features a short “Why I Love…Boston” piece about Samantha Power.

Power, of course, is the writer and human rights activist who was forced to resign as a senior foreign policy advisor to Barack Obama after she told a Scottish newspaper that Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton was “a monster” who was “stooping to anything” to win. “You just look at her and think, 'Ergh’,” said Power in the interview.

The AMTRAK magazine calls Power “a foreign policy advisor to Sen. Barack Obama,” and also notes her 2003 Pulitzer prize, her inclusion as one of Time magazine’s “Top Thinkers of 2004” and her new book.