Sunday, July 11, 2010

2010 Gubernatorial Ratings

Republicans are set up to gain a large number of governorships nationwide. At a minimum, the GOP could gain eight, giving the party 32, but larger gains are very possible.

Note that we've revised our ratings categories to give readers a better idea where races stand.

Takeovers in italics.

Pure Toss-Up
CO Open (Ritter, D)
CT Open (Rell, R)
FL Open (Crist, R)
ME Open (Baldacci, D)
MN Open (Pawlenty, R)
NM Open (Richardson, D)
OR Open (Kulongoski, D)
Strickland (D-OH)

Toss-Up/Tilt Republican
VT Open (Douglas, R)
WI Open (Doyle, D)
Quinn (D-IL)

Toss-Up/Tilt Democrat

O'Malley (D-MD)
Patrick (D-MA)
CA Open (Schwarzenegger, R)

Lean Republican
GA Open (Perdue, R)
MI Open (Granholm, D)
PA Open (Rendell, D)
Brewer (R-AZ)
Perry (R-TX)

Lean Democrat
HI Open (Lingle, R)

Lean Independent
RI Open (Carcieri, R)

Republican Favored
Culver (D-IA)
AL Open (Riley, R)
NV Open (Gibbons, R)
SC Open (Sanford, R)
TN Open (Bredesen, D)

Democrat Favored
Lynch (D-NH)

Safe Republican

KS Open (Parkinson, D)
OK Open (Henry, D)
SD Open (Rounds, R)
WY Open (Freudenthal, D)
Heineman (R-NE)
Herbert (R-UT)
Otter (R-ID)
Parnell (R-AK)

Safe Democrat
Beebe (D-AR)
NY Open (Paterson, D)