Wednesday, November 29, 2006

New Print Edition: Texas 23 & Louisiana 2

The November 29, 2006 print edition of the Rothenberg Political Report is on its way to subscribers. To read the complete analysis of the two runoff races, you must subscribe.

Texas 23: The Lone Ranger
By Nathan L. Gonzales

Republicans are still reeling from their losses and coming to grips with life in the minority. But one of their own, Cong. Henry Bonilla (R), is still fighting for reelection in the sprawling South Texas 23rd District.

Bonilla failed to reach 50% in the November 7 balloting in what was actually an open primary race necessitated by new district lines. Now, the incumbent faces former Cong. Ciro Rodriguez (D) in a December 12 runoff.

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Louisiana 2: "He Ain't No Saint"

Few people disagree that Democratic Cong. Bill Jefferson will be removed from Congress at some point. The only question is whether he's voted out of office in Louisiana's 2nd District or taken out by federal investigators.

Jefferson became a household name and a late-night punch line after FBI agents raided his Washington, D.C. home and found $90,000 wrapped in foil in his freezer. The congressman hasn't been charged with a crime and the investigations are ongoing. But there are plenty of Democrats who are privately hoping that Jefferson will lose reelection on Saturday, December 9 so that new Democratic majority's message of reform and integrity won't be tarnished by Jefferson's presence next year.

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