Friday, January 26, 2007

New Print Edition: 2007-08 Gubernatorial Outlook

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Here's a peak into this issue:

2007-08 Gubernatorial Outlook
By Nathan L. Gonzales

The Democratic wave didn't stop on the shores of the House and Senate. Democrats netted six governorships in 2006, giving them a 28-22 advantage nationwide.

The next two years are particularly light, with three states (Kentucky, Louisiana, and Mississippi) holding elections this year and only eleven other states in 2008.

It's far too early to predict net gains or losses for either party, but it looks like each will start with three vulnerabilities and three opportunities, making it difficult for Republicans to make a significant rebound.

While many Washington-centered political observers and junkies have given short-shrift to gubernatorial contests, this cycle's elections start a period of increased attention to governors' races, since many of the governors elected from now on will have a role in the Congressional redistricting process.

For the rest of the overview, as well as our state-by-state breakdown of the races, you must be a subscriber to the print edition. Just the ratings with no explanation are available here.