Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Connecticut 4: Democrats Eye Richter

Westport First Selectwoman Diane Farrell (D), who drew an impressive 48% against Rep. Christopher Shays in 2004, finished with 48% again last year, demonstrating the depth of Shays's appeal and his improved campaign. Democrats apparently will need an even stronger challenger next year, and while there are plenty of Democratic officeholders in the area, defeating Shays won't be easy.

Farrell apparently won't try again, and unsuccessful Senate nominee Ned Lamont also isn't interested. But a number of Democratic names are mentioned, including state Sen. Andrew McDonald, state Rep. Jim Shapiro and state Sen. Bob Duff.

Possibly the most intriguing name for Democrats is Mike Richter, the former New York Rangers goalie whose name was tested in a recent telephone poll in Connecticut. But Richter, who just received his undergraduate degree from Yale and campaigned for John Hall (D) in NY 19, apparently is looking at a number of districts in more than one state before he makes a final decision.

This item first appeared on Political Wire on February 23, 2007.