Sunday, August 24, 2008

New Print Edition: Minnesota Senate & Alabama 5

The August 22, 2008 print edition of the Rothenberg Political Report is on its way to subscribers. The print edition comes out every two weeks and the content is not available online. Subscribers get in-depth analysis of the most competitive races in the country, as well as quarterly House and Senate ratings, and coverage of the gubernatorial races nationwide. To subscribe, simply click on the Google checkout button on the website or send a check.

PUBLISHING NOTE: As our long-time readers are well aware, we alter our publication schedule toward the end of every election year to provide the fullest coverage before Election Day. After the conventions, we plan to publish three times each in September and October.

Here is a brief sample of what's in this edition...

Minnesota Senate: No Laughing Matter
By Nathan L. Gonzales

With comedian Al Franken in the mix, everyone expected Minnesota’s Senate race to be anything but ordinary. With two and half months to go, it’s certainly been a roller coaster and remains one of the most competitive races in the country.

Norm Coleman (R) is one of the Republicans’ most vulnerable incumbents and is working hard to distance himself from an unpopular President in a state most likely to be carried by Barack Obama (D).

At the beginning of the cycle, Republicans were delighted at the prospects of facing Franken and his treasure trove of risqué jokes and writings. But even though he started the race with high unfavorables, that got even worse over the spring, Franken is raising a ton of money and keeping the heat on Coleman.

In a week, all eyes will turn to Minnesota for the Republican National Convention, but even after the delegates leave the state, keep your eyes on one of the most exciting Senate races in the country. Subscribers get the whole story in the print edition.

Alabama 5: Rare Defensive Posture

Democratic open seats are rare these days. But Republicans are on the offensive in Alabama’s 5th District, even though they have never held the seat.

Republicans nominated Wayne Parker (R), who has lost two races to out-going conservative Cong. Bud Cramer (D), and are looking forward to the open seat race. Meanwhile, Democratic state Sen. Parker Griffith is running as Cramer’s protégé and looking to keep the seat in Democratic hands. Subscribers get the whole story in the print edition.