Friday, January 23, 2009

California 44: Hedrick Readies Rematch

By Nathan L. Gonzales

Democrat Bill Hedrick came close to becoming one of the surprise winners of the 2008 Election, when the president of the Rialto Education Association lost to Republican Cong. Ken Calvert 51%-49% in California’s 44th District.

He was severely outspent by the incumbent, approximately $1.1 million to $180,000, received no help from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and his candidacy was nowhere near the national discussion of potential Democratic takeovers across the country.

Hedrick told the Report in an interview on Thursday that he has no interest in becoming a perennial candidate, but is committed to running again in 2010. And he’s making his case to potential donors and supporters who ignored him last cycle.BillHedrickforCongress2010Packet