Monday, March 09, 2009

New York 20: DCCC Turns to Ralston-Lapp for IE

By Stuart Rothenberg and Nathan L. Gonzales

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee entered the New York 20 special election over the weekend with a significant $139,000 television ad buy, according the committee’s 24-hour, independent expenditure disclosure, filed with the Federal Election Commission on Monday afternoon.

On Friday, the National Republican Congressional Committee filed their $147,000 television ad buy. The GOP independent expenditure ads were produced by Chris Mattola.

The DCCC ads were produced by Ralston Lapp Media . In 2006, Lapp was the DCCC’s political director before moving over to coordinate the committee’s IE campaign. And last cycle, he was a key consultant to the IE campaign, headed up by new DCCC executive director Jon Vogel.

Lapp and his partner, Jason Ralston, are handling the DCCC’s IE program for the special election.

State Assembly Minority Leader Jim Tedisco (R) and venture capitalist Scott Murphy (D) are squaring off in the race to replace appointed Sen. Kristen Gillibrand (D).