Friday, January 08, 2010

CO Gov remains Toss-Up, PA Gov moved to Lean Takeover

In the face of a tough reelection race, Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter (D) announced he wouldn't seek a second term. His decision probably improves Democratic chances of holding the seat, because they will be able to run a non-incumbent, but not enough to move the race in the Democrats' direction at this point.

In Pennsylvania, Attorney General Tom Corbett's path to the GOP nomination keeps getting clearer and he consistently leads all of his potential Democratic opponents in hypothetical general election match-ups. It looks like Keystone State voters will keep their decades-long streak alive of switching parties in the governorship every eight years. Move to Lean Takeover.

Here are our latest gubernatorial ratings.
# - Moved benefiting Democrats
* - Moved benefiting Republicans

Lean Takeover (6 R, 7 D)
  • Brewer (R-AZ)
  • CA Open (Schwarzenegger, R)
  • CT Open (Rell, R)
  • HI Open (Lingle, R)
  • RI Open (Carcieri, R)
  • VT Open (Douglas, R)
  • Culver (D-IA)
  • KS Open (Parkinson, D)
  • MI Open (Granholm, D)
  • OK Open (Henry, D)
  • PA Open (Rendell, D) *
  • TN Open (Bredesen, D)
  • WY Open (Freudenthal, D)
Toss-Up (2 R, 3 D)
  • FL Open (Crist, R)
  • MN Open (Pawlenty, R)
  • CO Open (Ritter, D)
  • Strickland (D-OH)
  • WI Open (Doyle, D)
Narrow Advantage for Incumbent Party (2 R, 2 D)
  • Gibbons (R-NV)
  • GA Open (Perdue, R)
  • Patrick (D-MA)
  • ME Open (Baldacci, D)
Clear Advantage for Incumbent Party (3 R, 3 D)
  • Perry (R-TX)
  • AL Open (Riley, R)
  • SC Open (Sanford, R)
  • Paterson (D-NY)
  • Quinn (D-IL)
  • NM Open (Richardson, D)
Currently Safe (5 R, 4 D)
  • Herbert (R-UT)
  • Heineman (R-NE)
  • Otter (R-ID)
  • Parnell (R-AK)
  • SD Open (Rounds, R)
  • Beebe (D-AR)
  • Lynch (D-NH)
  • O'Malley (D-MD)
  • OR Open (Kulongoski, D)